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2023 Church Disaster Preparedness Calendar

Updated: Jan 9

In the spirit of resolution-making to mark the beginning of a fresh year, I wanted to offer leaders of congregations and worshiping communities an easy plan to kickstarting or updating their disaster preparedness and emergency plans.

For example, in January, can you (or can you appoint someone) to update your contact list for your staff, Clerk of Session, Property and/or Disaster Committee Members and Presbytery leadership? That’s ALL you need to do in January and you are done with the month’s goal!

Each month offers a small, but important, task that will build invaluable skills, plans, and procedures for your congregation and your partnering communities.

Feel free to download and print out this resource. Save the tasks in your calendars. And of course, share this with your colleagues even if they serve outside of the Synod of the Sun. (It’s the least we can do.)

Here’s to a more prepared and connected congregational life in 2023!

Church Disaster Preparedness Goals 2023 - FOR PRINT
Download PDF • 718KB

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