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Welcoming the Sojourner

Siblings in Christ:

Immigration is a global reality/crisis. Though the United States is impacted less than some of our international neighbors, the Synod of the Sun is located strategically for the ministry of Christ to welcome the sojourners, the widows, and the orphans.

To strengthen the collaboration of the PC(USA) ministries along the USA/Mexico border, the Empowering Committee (EC) of the Synod has convened several conversations among folks from Mission, New Covenant and Tres Rios Presbyteries. The establishment of the Presbyterian Border Ministry Workers Network is in process through the EC; we plan to ask the Synod Assembly in October to confirm the creation of this Network.

The preliminary statement of purpose of the Presbyterian Border Ministry Workers Network is:





We believe that all our communities within the Synod are impacted by the presence of immigrants.

Please respond to by June 15 with information addressing the following:

  1. Is there a person or are there persons, with passion for this ministry whom we could contact about serving on the Network? Please supply names and contact information.

  2. Would your Presbytery consider being a sponsoring presbytery for the Network joining Mission, New Covenant and Tres Rios Presbyteries?

  3. Additionally, aside from forming the Presbyterian Border Ministry Workers Network, we realize that there may be immediate needs and concerns we might help to alleviate some of those needs. We, as the Empowering Committee, would like to assist with this urgency. Are there current ministries within your Presbytery addressing issues of immigrant communities? Please, send us a brief description of these. The EC has limited resources that we desire to “get out of the bank” and into compassionate acts of care for our immigrant siblings.

To assist you financially, your ministry must be a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please submit in writing the following information:

  1. The specific need and cost.

  2. Submit a letter of receipt of said funds. This letter of receipt should be submitted 1-2 weeks after having expensed funds.

As a community of the Risen Christ, let us exhibit and strengthen the welcoming and caring love of God for the sojourners among us, our siblings within the family of God.

Rev. Gordon Edwards

Border Ministry Leader, Empowering Committee

Synod of the Sun

Wynona Bryant-Williams

Moderator, Empowering Committee

Synod of the Sun

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