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Vision Statement

This vision statement for the Synod of the Sun is based on priorities of Mission; Relationships; Communications; Networks; and Assessment. Intended as a 3-5 year vision of what we are becoming and how we get there, the vision statement grows out of our core values, and the why and mission statements. (click HERE to read full description).


Charged with relationships between synod and the world! (i.e. Congregations; Presbyteries; Covenant Institutions & Agencies; PC(USA) Agencies (click HERE to read full description).

Community: we live as the Body of Christ when we foster relationships, share responsibility, embrace diversity, and ensure every voice is heard (Acts 2:42‐47; Romans 15:5‐7; Ephesians 4:1‐6; Galatians 3:26‐28)


Charged with development, nurture, and empowerment of Synod Networks and Synod Designated Missions. Networks should consist of participants from more than one presbytery, be responsive to emerging needs and locally generated initiatives seeking to fulfill a purpose beyond the reach of a single presbytery (click HERE to read full description).

Openness: we seek the Spirit of Christ when we listen for new ideas, voices, and methods in our midst; and practice transparency and accountability in our corporate life (Isaiah 43:19; John 3:21; 2 Corinthians 4:2).

Vision Team

Charged with vision and planning of the life and work of the synod, as well as an annual Coordinating Team Retreat. The purpose of the retreat is orientation and articulation of vision and focus, building team, and relationships among the Coordinating Team (click HERE to read full description).


Responsible for the review and oversight of synod staff, development and maintenance of personnel policies, and management of hiring processes (click HERE to read full description).


Charged with oversight and development of that which equips presbyteries and the synod to live into their call to ministry (i.e. Synod Communications Plan, as well as Synod Personnel) (click HERE to read full description).

Responsiveness: we build Christ’s church when we train leaders, support mission partners, connect resources to needs, and communicate effectively (Matthew 28:16‐20; Ephesians 4:16‐18)


The councils of the church shall give full expression to the rich diversity of the church’s membership and shall provide for full participation and access to representation in decision-making and employment practices (click HERE to read full description).

Grants & Scholarship Commission

Charged with application process, review and award of funds designated specifically for the program, as outlined in manual (click HERE to read full description).

Coordinating Team

Charged with uplifting the work of Commissions Committees and visioning for the synod; approval of preliminary budget; assessment of impact; and coordination of Assemblies with authority to make decisions on behalf of the assembly between meetings (click HERE to read full description).

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