Yoked Parish Seeking Full-Time Pastor


The First Presbyterian Church of Camden, Arkansas and the Tate’s Bluff Presbyterian Church of Chidester, Arkansas are seeking a pastor for this newly formed yoked parish.

Let me tell you a bit about our parish. We are two churches with a combined membership of 104 members. The churches are located 24 miles apart. The parish is composed of a group of caring persons with a wonderful diversity. We share a deep commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ through our racial and theological individualities. We believe that each congregation brings uniqueness into the larger body that enhances the richness offer ministry. Camden First is exceptional in its music ministry. Tate’s Bluff is generous in their commitment to mission and community support.

We seek a pastor who understands and appreciates our community culture, the wisdom of the elderly, the nurture of the young and a fascination of the human experience.

Tate’s Bluff is located in a peaceful rural setting on a bluff overlooking the Ouachita River while Camden is the manufacturing center of south Arkansas. It boasts a highly skilled workforce with a long history of aerospace and defense related manufacturing.

There is a depth to our people and our communities that has to be experienced to really understand. We are trusting that God will send us a pastor who can walk with us along this road to discovery. It is our hope that you will forward this letter to someone whom you know to be open to a new call.

Our Ministry information Form, 21839.AC1, is available on Church Leadership Connection.

Thank you for your time. We seek your prayers as we travel along this road. Sincerely,

Pastor - Island Presbyterian Church and El Divino Salvador in Corpus Christi

Island Presbyterian Church and  El Divino Salvador in Corpus Christi, are trying to create a “Yoked” position that will be two part-time Stated Supply positions that create a full time job for a pastor.  El Divino is located in a lower socio economic area of Corpus Christi where the ethnic makeup is predominantly Hispanic.  IPC is located on North Padre Island with in the city limits of Corpus Christi in a neighborhood that is middle to upper middle class in there socio economic status and is predominantly white in ethnic makeup. The churches are located 16 miles apart which is about a 20 minute drive.  The congregations look forward to sharing new ways of worship, custom, heritages and new experiences.  The congregations want to capitalize on the strengths of each other to advance their missions for the Lord.

Interim Presbytery Pastor


The Interim Presbytery Pastor position has as its primary function the leading of Indian Nations Presbytery into a new way of being a presbytery which continually promotes open communication and cooperative ministry among its churches and pastors. This position is an “interim” position because we anticipate a three year period of transition during which the presbytery organizational system and the duties of the IPP may undergo adjustments. We do not expect the IPP to function as a trained interim as we expect this person to function as a trained pastoral leader. The IPP will: build (and rebuild) relationships of trust and camaraderie amongst its member congregations and pastors; guide the presbytery in identifying and implementing training to enable individuals and groups to better fulfill their designated duties in the manner of servant leaders; and lead the establishment of networks to foster presbytery-wide cooperation for new and existing ministries.

University (Campus) Minister - Schreiner University


The University Minister will cultivate opportunities for all members of campus to engage their faith traditions and to participate in spiritual formation. The ideal candidate will build bridges between Schreiner, the Texas Hill Country, and its faith communities, as well as the PC(USA) at-large. The University Minister will invest in Schreiner University's commitment to lifting up the diversity of perspectives that exist within our community, both through ecumenical ministry and through maintaining an open and affirming space for pastoral care. Additionally, the successful candidate will facilitate the shared practice of the University's core values through intentional mission outreach

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