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This application page is ONLY for MDiv students attending non-PCUSA seminaries that offer their course work in their primary language


Mdiv students attending PCUSA seminaries can apply for SOSPF MDiv scholarship here:


Any other applicants should use this page:


This Scholarship is offered once a year for each academic year. Applications for the 2023 Scholarship will be accepted through January 15, 2024.

The primary purpose of the Foundation’s scholarship program is to encourage a strong and continuing dedication toward theological study. Scholarships are awarded annually to cover one scholastic year, and an applicant may apply for scholarship aid for up to three years of scholastic study.


The following criteria must be met by each applicant:

  1. You must be a member of a Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation within the four-state Synod of the Sun area: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

  2. You must be certified as an Inquirer or Candidate under the care of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (COPM) in your presbytery.

  3. You should be planning to serve within the Presbyterian Church (USA) following graduation.


If you meet these criteria, you can submit your application online.


Written examinations are required for ordination in the PC(USA) covering: Biblical Exegesis, Church Polity, Theological Competence, and Worship and Sacraments. For those attending a non‐PCUSA seminary, the Committee on Preparation for Ministry can assist in finding courses in these areas. The Book of Order requires courses in both Hebrew and Greek, one of which will be used in Exegesis. These examinations are offered in Korean and Spanish.


Read the Scholarship Application Cover Page here.

Application Information

The application process consists of furnishing the following documents:


  • Completion of online official scholarship application - Found Here

  • A COPM certification letter – Download

  • The Pastor Reference form – Download

  • An official transcript of your scholastic achievement

  • A one-page statement explaining your understanding of your call to the ministry and how you see yourself serving the Church upon graduation.


These paragraphs present a general summary of the type of information requested on the official scholarship application which can be found here.

Part I: Personal Information

Name, address, contact information, living arrangements, and relevant family information; Presbytery and home church information.

Part II: Financial Information

Information on sources of estimated income for the school year, and estimated expenses — as related to your seminary’s financial aid guidelines for budgeted expenses for the full school year. Data on current indebtedness and other scholarships/grants applied for.

PART III: Financial Resources Data

Applicants NEED NOT submit a completed FAFSA form. However, some of the questions can be answered from your FAFSA form. You will want to have that form in hand when completing the next section.

Part IV: Other Information

Any special circumstances surrounding your financial condition.


All application components must be received in the Synod office by January 16, 2023.

Mail To:

Synod of the Sun
445 E. FM 1382 - Ste 3-778
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

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