Relationship – Relationship – Relationship

I truthfully believe relationship is how we live out our response to God’s Love. The relationships we have in all levels of our church life – local congregation, Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly is just an outward expression of our inner relationship with God.

I feel so honored to be the Moderator for Synod of the Sun. June has been a spectacular month.

June 1st I left San Angelo heading to Enid, Oklahoma for a Tri-Presbytery meeting (Cimarron, Indian Nations and Eastern Oklahoma). The people were gracious and the worship was excellent. Though people are all unique, we all have a love for God and what God is doing in our world.

June 8th I found myself heading to Shreveport, Louisiana. I had the opportunity to preach to a great group of people who didn’t think much as happening. Story after story was shared by people from various congregations on the simple things they were involved in – feeding local children, supporting schools and medical help in Cameroon, Africa and list continued. The relationship between the members was heartwarming. Hospitality was the norm – from registration, worship, lunch and the family that invited me to dinner. Because of information shared in this meeting, another church was able to partner in helping feed children this summer.

Sometimes listening to the naysayers we miss the wonderful things that God is doing among us.

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