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Confession of a Glaring Omission

Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest

James S. Currie, Executive Secretary

In a recent column focus was placed on historians who had contributed to recording stories of the Presbyterian witness over the years in the Southwest – William Stuart Red, Penrose St. Amant, Michael Cassity, Thomas Campbell, B. W. McDonnold, Ernest Trice Thompson. 

There was, however, one glaring omission, an omission that is embarrassing to this writer. Born in Ohio, Doug Brackenridge moved to San Antonio in 1962 and has lived there ever since. For over 40 years he taught at Trinity University. Today he is professor emeritus of that University. At one time he served on the board of the Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest. 

Over the years he has published many articles and a good number of books having to do with the Presbyterian witness across the country, but especially in the Southwest. While he was co-author of several books, among the books which he alone wrote are: : 

Eugene Carson Blake: Prophet with Portfolio 

Trinity University: A Tale of Three Cities

Westminster College – Salt Lake City

Iglesia Presbiteriana: A History of Presbyterians and Mexican 

Americans in the Southwest. 

Voice in the Wilderness: A History of the Cumberland Presbyterian 

Church in Texas   

Beckoning Frontiers: A Biography of James Woodin Laurie

The Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation: A Bicentennial History, 


Brackenridge continues to live in San Antonio and continues to be an active member of the PHSSW. We are in his debt for his contribution to our understanding and awareness of the Presbyterian witness to Jesus Christ in the Southwest as well as on a national scale. 

The Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest exists to “stimulate and encourage interest in the collection, preservation, and presentation of the Presbyterian and Reformed heritage” in the Southwest. If you are not a participating member of the Society and would like to become one, the annual dues are $20 per individual and $25 per couple. Annual institutional and church membership dues are $100. Checks may be made out to PHSSW and sent to: PHSSW – 5525 Traviston Ct., Austin, TX 78738.

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